Showa ferocious record

Report card of Daisaku Ikeda on exposition. Shigeru Okada removal theater. Does Ichiro Nakagawa have genealogy of renunciation on halfway?

published November 20,2009  / Kodansha+αbunko / price876yen+tax

Leaders of the little villain era
Kyoyu (ferocious) means the brave or villain who is cunning, cruel and ferocious. The time is a night before bubble economy, the era of villain. This book record personal repotages which high elated author contributed to “Gendai”, “Bungei syunjyu”and “Syokun” durling the latter 8 years in Shiowa period. It’s about Hideki Yokoi of Hotel New Japan, Shoichiro Toyota who established Toyota, Tokuji Wakasa of ANA, Kazuo Nagano of Toyota Trading Co.,Ltd, Daisaku Ikeda of Soka Gakkai and Jyunya Yano…  This book is who’s who in darkside including a direct interviews on ferocious concerned with the affair. Attaching “9 peoples afterwards” who still leave his mark at present.


Showa ferocious record

A resume of a witch. Kazuko Hosoki

The postwar history of a rare "woman yakuza" whom TV world grovel at her feet !

Published November 29, 2006 by Kodansha, price 1,300 yen(tax-excluded)

It is easy to label Hosoki Kazuko as a woman with no style, vulgarity, and having no sense of shame.
But on the contrary, there is the other side as that vulgar times has breeded Hosoki.
Her girl period clashed over Japanese defeat in war.
The city which became a burnt field by the air raid, war orphans who had to be a pisk pocket or a snacher to survive, prostitutes who throw herself at US soldier, groups of veterans and students who became hoodlum or yakuza….
She survived that kind of times, and present Hosoki exists.

A theme of this book is to trace How she grown up and finally became a "Queen of an audience rating" in detail.


A resume of a witch.
Kazuko Hosoki

The dynast of edible meat
A man who gained colossal fortune by social integration and violence

Winning Kodansha nonfiction prize! !
From Shin Kanemaru to Sennichi Hoshino, He commands politic, government official, finance circles,and a gang.
The boss of edible meat world who emerged from an employee of edible meat shop to rule over Japanese back society with social integration and violence was arrested because of this book !!

Published November 20, 2004 by Kodansha +αbunko price 838 yen(tax-excluded)

“The last fixer”Asada Mitsuru. His “influence” spreted widly over Japanese society from boss of Liberal Democratic Party and the fifth Yamaguchi reader, a star of Takarazuka, former Yokozuna Hokutoumi, to former manager of Hanshin base ball team Hoshino Seiichi….

A shocking book of telling naked half life of whom he extraordinary fatten up by social integration and violence. It exposes How the man who had a power on politics, government officials, finance circles, and a gang devour our (citizen's) tax with taking advantage of a mad cow disease disturbance.


to former ed.

The dynast of edible meat

An emperor of loan shark Takefuji

He was arrested ! ! "Rules of a money lender" that "boss of Takefuji " told for the first time.
How did the owners of consumer credit business become very wealthy ? Takefuji, Promise, Acom, Aiful…. How is the real face of people who devour commonalty’s pocket money !

Published April 20, 2004 by Kodansha +αbunko, price 781 yen(tax-excluded)

Ex-President of Takefuji / Yasuo Takei who is in prison telling his view of money and his philosophy of life truly….. This book accuses the real against humanity of not learning lesson which hidden by commercialism. And approaches to the real face of bosses who commands enlarged consumer credit business.  
 The true character of "charisma of mammonism" that the only author who continues making inroad into problems that modern society contains (such as a series of Yamaguchi documents) can writes! !


to former ed.

An emperor of
shark Takefuji

The forth boss of Yamaguchigumi. A madden lion

If I tell it in a word, I was a man. That is the reason why I want to die…

Published February 20, 1999 by Kodansha +αbunko price 880 yen(tax-excluded)

Takenaka Masahisa, the forth reader of Yamaguchigumi was gotten by a bullet shot of Itiwakai.

If I tell it in a word, I was a man. That is the reason why I want to die… It happened just 202 days after the succession to his name which he gained the top of gang society. This book descrive the fierce life of Takenaka Masahisa who was shot to death with comments of the person concerned and minute coverages.

The second Yamaguchigumi document of Mizoguchi Atsushi.。


to former ed.

The forth boss of Yamaguchigumi.
A madden lion