The days of new religion 1

Published February 10, 1997 by Okura syuppan, price 2,369 yen

【Sinnyoen...Religious community opening a psychic by touching feeling】

* The religious community which is aware of their social responsibility
* To open a touching feeling and a psychic
* The history of Buddhist master, Shinjo Ito and religious community
* Believers of a natural posture

Mizoguchi Atsushi


The days of new religion 1

100 person’s 999 books.
reading and clearing up the opacity times  

Responsibly published by SAPIO Nekketsu syoso club

Published October 10, 1996 by Shogakukan price 1,800 yen

Chapter 9 Who made Japan like this ? "Wether we can make new Japan by the 21st century"

【How is modern religion as a fashion】
It is not because we can’t understand the present conditions, but because of fear that we can see too much prompt people to religion"                    

Mizoguchi Atsushi


How you see the Aum Shinrikyo case. the Bungeishunju version

Published October 15, 1995 by Bungeishunju, price 1,500 yen

<Problems of Religious Corporation Law>
【All of religious corporations】

The religious community which openly declare "an asociality" without hesitation. Does Religious Corporation Law to give them warm reception like this have no problem ?
Mizoguchi Atsushi


Japan has changed in it’s quality "The Fuji Evening" edition

Published July 20, 1995 by Nissin hodo, price 1,200 yen

【a hellish picture of Kobe moved to Tokyo by sarin】

the Aum Shinrikyo was incited by a great earthquake disaster

Mizoguchi Atsushi


Neighboring Sokagakkai.
Separate volume of Takarajima 225

The happiness of beeing member of Sokagakkai watching from inside

Published July 12, 1995 by Takarajimasya, price 980 yen

【"a bullied child" Daisaku Ikeda, has his own way in the world】
A bullied child is the origin of Honorary Chairman Daisaku. What did happen in a background that the bullied child became a leader of a huge religious community?

Mizoguchi Atsushi


The days of new religion 3. Masato Shimizu edition

Published May 1, 1995 by Okura syuppan, price 2,300 yen

【a world mate? Religion as mind industry】

* Religion of mismatch
* The modern crust
* Seizan Fukami and Tachibana Kaoru
* A vantage of business development
* A doctrine of a world mate
* A mild Combination of memberes
* Religion as mind industry                    

Mizoguchi Atsushi


The days of new religion 3.

The world of new religion 2. Reiyukai/ Rissyokoseikai/ Sokagakkai

Published June 15, 1978 by Okura syuppan, price 1,600 yen

【Sokagakkai】Development and diffusion of a religious politics group

* The present sketch map
* What did the speech case bring?
* A trial of sake to "listen to society"
* Emergency of image up and it’s actual situation
* Conclusion of "Kyo/ So agreement" and a way to hollowing out
* The separation from Oishi temple and a Myosinko
* Foundation of Soka pedagogics society and wartime oppression
* The postwar rebuilding and conversion of Ikeda
* Departure with big march which let people obey him.
* Development and diffusion after Ikeda
Mizoguchi Atsushi


Bring Sokagakkai and Komeito to account.
Masanori Umehara and Masato Shimizu compilation

Published November 29, 1976 by Tairiku syobo, price 1,500 yen

【A negative part and positive part of Daisaku Ikeda of the third generation leader】

* The large organization which entered a stable time
* A great achievement of 2nd leader Josei Toda
* Departure from illness and poverty and a fight
* A splendid taking up position strategy
* An effect of an overseas advance                

Mizoguchi Atsushi