Power characteristics of the media 3
A requirement for journalism  

Published April 5, 2005 by Iwanami Shoten, price 2,500 yen + tax

【Interview a yakuza and a gang】
* The reason why I do not feel fear in gang interview
* A merit of gang interview
* The whole story of the stabbing case that I got
Mizoguchi Atsushi


School of an editor. Kodansha web gendai version

Published October 29, 2001 by Kodansha, price 2,800 yen(tax-excluded)

Chapter 3. Technique of the side who interview

【whether you can still continue working under the condition of only drinking water.】
* A side to interview puts his heart and soul into being "barbarian"
* The reason why I did not yield to pressure of a yakuza      

Mizoguchi Atsushi 


Neon Genesis Evngelion Pleasure Principle

Published July 19, 1997 by Daisan syokan, price 1,400 yen + tax

Chapter 7. In the time of Evangelion and a Aum sinrikyo

【"Searching for myself" syndrome to gather around "Eve"】
Wedge1997, May issue
Keizo Shimada