Authentic record! Heisei taboo perfection 1 

Published June 5, 2006 by Takarajimasya bunko, price 648 yen + tax

Chapter 1, Scandal backstage of<An entertainer>

He was immediately restored after “a manager violence case”.

A risky gang companionship of Shinsuke Shimada of Yoshimoto Kogyo

Mizoguchi Atsushi           



Documentary. Marilyn Monroe. the first volume

Published July, 31 1974 by Sanichi syobou, Price 1800 yen

Chapter 1

The reason why Monroe resisted the offensive love of a millionaire. by Dexter Webb.

The queen of sinema is always the best.
by Ansensard.June 1957.

Translated by Mizoguchi Atsushi