Mizoguchi Atsushi is a nonfiction-centered writer. He deals mainly with social field, but he is covering a wide range of subjects such as yamaguchigumi, yakuza, gang, organized crime group, foreign mafia, human theory, new religion, science, food safety, sex, novels. His work are published mainly in maganizes and books.

What's New

Mizoguchi’s comment on exposure of baseball gambling
NHK WORLD News Line ( animation ) 7th of July, 2010

Press release of charge against Yamaken group which concernd with "The case that a son of Mizoguchi was stabbed in"(Anounced on Janurly22, 2007)

new books

The sixth generation Yamaguchigumi
A winner of courtly revolution

published April 22,2010
Takeshobo / price760yen+tax

The third generation Yamaguchigumi
Kazuo Taoka and Jiro the killer
published April 22,2010
Takeshobo / price760yen+tax

Showa ferocious record
published November 20,2009
Kodansha+αbunko / price876yen+tax


Pachinko, the darkness of 30trillion yen
published December 27,2007
Takeshobo / price1400yen+tax


A worship of sacrifice
published May 13, 2008
Shogakukan bunko / price 552 yen + tax


The sixth generation Yamaguchigumi of Shinobu Tukasa leader and Kiyoji Takayama direct descendant gang leader
published December 27,2007
Takesyobou / price1400yen +tax
Money,Viorence and the fifth generation Yamaguchigumi
published June 5,2007
Takesyobou / price1400yen+tax
The dynast of an armed battle
published April11,2007
syogakukan bunko / price580yen
Heisei black business of shigotosi
Published January 1, 2007
Shogakukan bunko / price 552 yen + tax
本の写真 New edition. Back knowledge of a modern yakuza
Published November 20, 2006
Kodansha +αbunko/ price 838 yen+tax

A inner enemy of the fifth generation Yamaguchigumi empire
published April 22,2010
Takeshobo / price760yen+tax

The last battle of the forth generation Yamaguchigumi
published February 20,2010
Kodansha+αbunko / price876yen+tax

Kabukicho, the truth of danger
published June 20,2009
Bungeisyunjyu bunsyunsinsho / price770yen+tax

"The Yamaguchigumi business administration" by Yoshinori Watanabe leader
published July 02, 2008
Takesyobou bunko / price 680 yen + tax

The dynast of Shinogi
published January 12,2008
syogakukan bunko / price690yen

The dynast of shambles
published September 11,2007
Syogakukan bunko / price560yen
 本の写真 Yakuza and the rivalry scene
published May 20,2007
kodansya+α bunko / price838yen+tax
本の写真 The dynast of Minbou
published March1.2007
syogakukan bunko / price650yen

A resume of a witch Kazuko Hosoki
Published November 29, 2006
Kodansha / price 1,300 yen +tax
本の写真 A japanese, Jiro Yamamoto
The Yamaguchigumi lateral biography.

Published September 29, 2006
Takesyobou/ price 1,400 yen + tax