Hirin. Being wife is boring

Published October 4, 1996 by Masada, price 1,400 yen

This book is a nonfiction of thoroughly collected data on 22 married women who indulged in "making an affair without a reason!" Is it for healing or from vanity, time killing or just a game?

"Neighbor housewives" who found herselves shining in "immorality" tells their naked confessions about sex.


New thirty report.

Wives of the baby-boom generation is now....
The orthor chases a shadow of the 30's wives who float rootlessly thinking “I am not a woman who sleeps with anybody ...” !

Published June 5,1984 by Banseisya, price 1,200 yen

Slight earthquake at home will rise to severe earthquake in society. The word that fidget a blank heart. Happiness, a dream, independence, a love affair, ecstasy, a trip, sex, a divorce, a flirtation, Nice middle age……. Where are wives going to with their heart and physical thirst.


The nomads of sex

After young Oedipus have commited a taboo, His eyes moved to an another woman….

Published October 20, 1982 by Banseisya, price 1,300 yen

Though a human being is the sexiest primate,We also must maintain relations of a pair in zoology. Because we must have long childhood to raise and to educate a big brain. Therefore combination of a pair must continue as long as a process of a long feeding a family. Human could not satisfy with just by falling in love but had to continue being in love. It was a reward of that to make sex sexier. It is not guarantee whether this opinion is right, but any why, it is sure that both man and woman of human is sexual. So that a swapper having a double figures carrier says,"The rut of a dog is twice a year. A human being's is all year round. We get tired with it. It is natural to seek for cangement.” Yes, It is sure that there is such reality. But at the same time, swapping is not good enough because It's nature is temporary exchangement and borrowing of sexual organs.
Good sex is a sex with a partner whom you love. ……