Sequel. The dangerous food

Published January 1, 2000 by Shogakukanbunko, price 438 yen + tax

It is one idea to disregard health, and eat favorite things as much as we want. But we may not finish regretting if we believed that "this food is good for ...", and ate it a lot then damage our health. For example, it is the garlic which is familiar by an energy increase. But eating garlic hard could cause anemia and in terrible case, it could prompt dementia. There are such new common senses of a food which we want to know in this book. There are selected 43 stories such as "spinach causing osteoporosis and an urinary passage calculus". "Kelp(kombu) makes a sluggard". "cancer-causing doubt to soy sauce". The second edition of previous work "dangerous food".


to former ed.

The dangerous food

Published July 1, 1999 by Shogakukan bunko, price 483 yen + tax

Unpolished rice food, no pesticide food, linoleic acid……Many kinds of food which is good for a health forms a line in the food counter. In now of a healthy boom, Eaters are very Interested in food as ‘What is good to eat for health’. But these are not always keep our health and improve it. The reason is because surprising hazardous substance can hide behind in food thought to be good for health. The author carefully selected 47 dangerous stories concerned with food that hide behind a common sense. For example, “ poison lurk in Italian food”. "soba allergy to death".”doubt on vitamins myth”.” Lie in common sence of unpolished rice food” ."relations between coffee and dioxin".


to former ed.

A scary story at a dining table

New edition of Dangerous food story

Published April 10, 1999 by Shogakukan, price 1,100 yen

It is not only dioxin! Fantastic 56 stories of "food".
Welcome to the world of "An scientific gourmet"



International technology made in Japan!
Theses companies will be a driving force of economic revitalization.

There are 39 technologies in this book. From the latest technology which competes with the world to the real ability of a small factory in town! 
Mr.Tanaka of your company who won the Nobel prize do his best so much this way.
This is the Japanese pride technology which is No.1 and only 1!!

Published April 1, 2003 by Shogakukan, price 1,575 yen

● An ion engine ● ASIMO ● electron computer
● A carbon fiver ● endoscope ● photomultiplier
● H-2A rocket ● copter Cal CT
● forgery prevention card 
● Kaiko ● 50cc motor scooter
● Alzheimer - therapeutic drug
● An aspherics ● super exact grinder
● precision sorter 
●Fishfinder ● an Artificial submarine mountains
●black tuna complete culture ● A battery car
● money processing machine
● industrial sewing machine
● a mold for a vhicle ● plastic model
● cash escort robot


Today's science. Essential for society member

Published October 20, 2001 by Shogakukan, price 1,365 yen

It is an arm for surviving the modern society that from a PC, a cellular phone, a robot to bio, space, energy, an elementary particle! This is a science book for adult which the author thoroughly reported on the advanced scientific spots, and gathered it up in a intelligible sentence.