Ikeda Daisaku. Structure of "a man of power"

True history of Sokagakkai! 
The half life that was plastered by a desire and a lie of “A man of power" who ruled over Sokagakkai and Komeito and lead the government of time by the nose! !

Published September 20, 2005 by Kodansha +αbunko, price 838 yen(tax-excluded)

"Rare charisma” Daisaku Ikeda - - - As a boss of sokagakkai, he has latent influence on politics, government and finance. He got power to command Japan at will. It’s power is not limited in Japan and enlarges the foot of a believer all over the world with the Sokagakkai International (SGI). This book explaines the stormy life of Ikeda Daisaku from his childhood as fifth son of iaver maker to be outstanding man of power.


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Ikeda Daisaku. Structure of "a man of power"

Playing with fire in religion.

How do you protect yourself from a soul crisis !
The author points out our inner darkness side which infests Omu. By chase interview for 25 years, it is a lifework of the author by main force.

Published July 1, 1996 by Shogakukan, price 1,500 yen

Contents of this book

Chapter 1. View of faith
Chapter 2. A trip to search oneself
Chapter 3. The spot of gods
Chapter 4. The truth of an accomplice
Chapter 5. religion and a law
Chapter 6. religion and a tax
Chapter 7. Circumstances of U.S.A.


The masterpiece which disappeared. chasing "a da Vinci study" doubt.

A skillful trap matched a masterpiece sold for 2,000million yen! A study of Leonardo da Vinci whom art dealer / Gekkousou of powerful connections in the finance world brought in Sekaikyuseikyo. The outher carried out coverage to Tokyo, Rome and snowy Milan then finally clarifies composition of "picture business" contrived globally.

Published August 25, 1993 by Kodansha, price 1,500 yen

The study case became suitable case study of "the issue of art". "The art" has value as art and value as a merchandise. In between these, people’s desire and miscalculation sticks, and makes tragicomedies in various ways. It may be said that this study case is large-scaled global version of trick of Heiwa-sogin affair which concerns for selling a gold-leaf folding screen "historic procession". (from postscript)


Daisaku Ikeda. An ambition of Soka kingdom

Is Daisaku Ikeda current Hitler? ? The house of councilors election case which was planed with large substitute votes in 1968, The publication obstruction case in 1970, The string-pulling case on “ Monthly pen trial” and a woman scandal. When we see those series of sokagakkai matters,There is Ikeda daisaku’s ambition of "Japan takeover"!!

Published June 10, 1983 by Kioi syobo, price 1,300 yen

A table of contents
Chapter 1. A "Japan takeover" design 
Chapter 2. The adhesion with Tanaka corps 
Chapter 3. A sketch map of Sokagakkai’s source of money 
Chapter 4. The truth of a woman scandal 
Chapter 5. Detailes of "monthly pen trial" string-pulling 
Chapter 6. A portrait of Ikeda colored by a fiction 
Chapter 7. "Religion of exploitation" Sokagakkai 
Chapter 8. Sokagakkai in 2001