The refurbish edition. Yamaguchigumi vs. Ichiwakai.
Yamaguchigumi documentary.

Bloody retaliation war, death of Kazuo Taoka, division with Itiwakai, and then big rivalry.

published June 15, 1985 by Sanichi syobou, price 1,000 yen(or 1,365 yen)

Masahisa Takenaka was stopped his life in the expectation to a sweet thing. He drived his white Benz and walked to an elevator hall then he was almost soared up in the air. On Saturday night in room 508 of fifth floor in “GS Haym daini esaka” which is an appartment in Fukida, Osaka a night of a comforted chat and a sexual love spending with his lover should have waited him there. Though the forth leader of Yamaguchigumi was born as difficult delivery, but he died all too soon. Since he assumed boss’s name as a successor on July 10 in the year before, It passed only half a year and 16days. At a little passed 9:15 p.m. on January 26, 1985 he was shot two bullets into his body and on 27th the next day
He cruelly closed his life of 51 years.

(From beginning of the book)


The refurbish edition. Yamaguchigumi vs. Ichiwakai.