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The life of Yamamoto Kenichi, the third under-boss of Yamaguchigumi”

The gang nonfiction which depicted No2 of massive organization! Kenichi Yamamoto who served Kazuo Taoka of Yamaguchigumi as "the best follower in Japan”. The masterpiece which is made up of his eventfulness life based on real name testimony of his participant such as his successor Watanabe Yoshinori.

Published April 30, 1989 by Tokuyma syoten, price 1,250 yen

Kenichi Yamamoto has ferocious air in some way. His nickname in youth was pis Ken, and Ken of two handguns. There is a feeling that he fire a pistol as soon as a story would become complicated.

In a rivalry career of Kenichi, there is Koji Tsuruta surprise attack case, Attempted murder case on Nozawa Osamu who is under-boss of Tanizakigumi, local command in Fukuoka case, total command in Osaka war,etc. Especially in rivalry against another group, He was bull and never flinched. Nickname of “Ken of ikeike” suits to him.

Kenichi had great unyielding spirit. For the matter that has win and loss, no matter how was all the ins and outs, He hated to be defeated.
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