A Madden lion.
A life of Takenaka Masahisa.
the forth Yamaguchigumi reader

A nonfiction book which reveals the gang society. Masahisa Takenaka who succeeded to Kazuo Taoka and was on a top of the biggest organisasion in Japan at his 50 years old. Then just after 202days of his succession, He died by bullets.
A master piece descrives his stormy life with minutes coverage and formation.

Published January 31, 1988 by Tokuma Shoten, price 1,240 yen

"What you want shit. Do you wanna get killed ?" “ What are you. Doing dirty shit ! Never think I do nothing on you! ” Masahisa Takenaka left his vivid image to us and left his life. It was just 202days after being top of a Japanese biggest Yamaguchigumi which consist of 10thousand memebers.

In his life, because of in every rivalry his angry image was repeatedly televised, People’s impression on him was set of an image like Asura. But unexpectedly, Masahisa Takenaka was a reader who had a sense of law and human rights. He always put a compendium of laws at his side, and as his nature, he was generally disobedient to power such as police, prosecutor and in trial.
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